7 Bizarre tourist attractions

September 23, 2018

If you are looking for something other than classic tourist attractions filled with people with cameras, here is a list of something a little bit different.  On these locations you will meet specific group of people, and places are never to crowded, so you can enjoy without the fuss. And you might end up meeting some people with equally strange taste and become friends!

Check out our list and book a flight if you find something interesting!

#1 Japanese noodle bath

Grub Street

If you are bored with soap, here is some noodles for you! And if you get hungry, there is no problem, just dive in!

#2 Vale de la prehistoria, Cuba


Very interesting theme park for all dinosaur lovers!

#3 Karni Mata Temple,India

This temple serves as a refuge for rodents, but it is a place where they are worshipped as well.

#4 International Friendship Exhibition Hall, North Korea

In this structure in the city of Pyongyang, are housed 90, 000 or more gifts accumulated over the years by the great leader Kim Il Sung.

#5 Isla de las Munecas, Mexico

La Couronne

This is a collection of discarded dolls! A bit spooky, but interesting experience for sure.

#6 Bang Kwang Prison, Thailand

There are no chances that you will get bored in Bangkok, but if that happened, you can always spice your holiday with a prison. Go there and talk to prisoners and you will quickly learn not to commit crimes in this country.

#7 Karner Bone House, Austria


Well, this is made of real human skulls that serves as a decoration.


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