Airports – places where funny pictures are made

Airports are places where you find millions of people waiting, sleeping, leaving, talking, eating, changing clothes, reading, walking, doing exercise, having sex, listening to the music and doing almost every activity you can think of. That is why there are so many funny pictures, just caught up in the right moment, and we do love airports! Whether you are going away or returning home, take a moment and check out next few photos, so next time your flight is delayed or canceled, think of these photos and have fun!

#1 Just reading a book. And casually holding a person on the palm.

#2 Can you give me a lift?

#3 Not many people can fit in these measurements.

#4 When you’re that tired.

#5 Sushi security.

#6 Relationship goals.

#7  When have two parts of luggage that don’t  listen.

#8 Sorry baby, I just had to tie my shoelaces.

#9 Reflections make the best images. We can see who doesn’t skip the leg day.

#10 Just need to lay down a bit…

#11 Roentgen free of charge.

#12 Sometimes all you want to do is sleep.

#13 This doesn’t  fit in the hand luggage.

#14 Whoever has spent the night at the airport, knows how cold it can be!

#15 Do what you have to do, just do it within 3 minutes.

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