Apps for your phone you shouldn’t live without

What is the only thing you always have with you? The answer is of course your phone. So make the best out of it if you already haven’t. Here is a list of most useful apps that will probably make your life a little easier.



Well in the era where personal information are most valuable thing in the world and we here horror story about identity  theft and selling our personal data to marketing agencies, Wickr is one of the best apps to assure your information security. This apps allows you to send secret messages, pictures, photos and audio files and to permanently erase deleted items from your phone. Available for iOS and Android.



SolCalendar is good for everyone who wants to get the most of their time, to be productive. It has a wide range of customizable widgets, an intuitive interface and it is easy to use. You will be more efficient and generally happier. Available for Android.



This app is a life saver – it will quickly replace your home scanner and it is definitely quicker and easier to work with than your office scanner. And you can always have it in your pocket for all documents you need. Available for iOS and Android.


Very useful app which allow you to manage your Android phone or tablet from Windows, Mac or the web, wirelessly, completely free of charge. You can text, transfer files, manage your notifications and you have access  to your phone’s camera. But, you can not send messages from other apps such as Whatsapp, but you can always use Whatsapp web. Available for Android.


Ub Reader

For all the the book worms this is a great app. It allows allows you to store all your ebooks editions on one place both epub and pdf format, and to organize your shelves. You can adjust light, zoom in&out and it is very easy to use. Available for Android.


This app gives you latest insight into the most important and interesting news of the day. The topics are wide – politics, business, entertainment, business and technology. You can find all you are interested in at one place, and you can easily share interesting content on social media or email. Available for Android and iOS.



This app is for cycling and running lovers. You can track you runs and rides with GPS, participate in challenges, see other`s people results and many more. It is extremely accurate in mapping routs and gives you an opportunity to explore new paths and routes. Available for Android and iOS.

My Diet Coach

Starting a diet can be stressful and this app will help you keep track of food you eat, crave and it can be motivation to overcome laziness. It will give you a rational and motivational arguments and challenges to participate in, give you a prize (virtual) for your achievements. Generally very helpful app and sadly, currently it is only available for women. Available for Android and iOS.

My Calendar

This is a must have app for women. It tracks your period, ovulation, fertile days and much more. You can add notes and reminders for example for doctors appointment, reminders for pills and generally it will take care of your health. Available for iOS.



This is probably the best app for learning languages. Here you can learn a lot of languages, exercise your grammar and improve your vocabulary. You have speaking, listening and reading tasks, and it is by far the best apps there is for this purpose.  Available for Android and iOS.

What is app you can`t live without?



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