Be careful how you dress up for work and going out. It can end up like a disaster

Next time you don’t get enough sleep and you grab first thing on your hand to wear, remember these article and picture. Sometimes the small things are hidden, and you are not able to see them because they requires a distance to be seen. In most situation quite literally.

Look through our picture and don’t forget to share with your friends. It can happen to anyone.

#10 Unfortunate place to put a Tower of Pisa.

#9 Flower print can inappropriate.

#8 Same is for animal print too. These are for kids.


#7 Well, who would say?

#6 Be careful, someone is watching you.

#5 Can you spot someone? Or his parts at least?

#4 Talking about motivation

#3 You can eat bologna before the big game?

#2 Is this forbidden or what? Better do not wear it at all.

#1 Well, not quite.


Would you wear any of them?

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