Don’t judge a book by its cover

Or do it. Sometimes, like in cases we will present in our list bellow it is perfectly appropriate thing to do. It is debatable what is worse – the titles or the covers? We didn’t actually read any of these books, but the titles and covers in combination leave little to surprise.

#10 Okay. Now I am intrigued. How invisible is it exactly?

#9 Khm, this is disturbing.

#8 Someone wrote an entire book about it?

#7 Many people hope they would have sex at least in the afterlife, so they find this book very useful.

#6 To flush toilet obviously.

#5 Please do not do it. It is strictly forbidden.

#4 Because women and tractors are similar, how exactly?

#3 Well, this is the only book on the list that is actually worth reading.

#2 New name for an old school thing maybe?

#1 This is just hilarious.

Have you read any of these books?

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