Earwax, scabs, boogers… Candies never looked so disgusting!

If you are a sweet tooth it probably doesn’t matter  to you how the candy look, but be honest would you eat something that looks exactly like bugs for example? Prepare you stomach for the next few photos, you won’t even thing about eating sweets for next few hours. Maybe even days.

#1 Ant Candy

Well, this is basically melted sugar with ants all over it. Real dead ants.


#2 Tuna candy

Tasty Tuna Tidbit Seafood Snack candy taste like a real tuna, because it is made of it. Okay, we are totally for mixing flavors , but some things shouldn’t be combined with tuna.


#3 Crick-Ettes

Another candy with real bugs. How many people actually buy this stuff?


#4 Gorilla boogers

Gorilla boogers are sweetened dried black beans (popular in Asian cooking) and taste like dirt.


#5  Hotlix Candy

 People say it tastes good and it is sweet enough, but still. There is a real scorpion in it!


#6 Ear Wax Candy

 Idea of putting a stick into artificial ear and eating its wax is hideous! It can taste like heaven but I am not eating it ever.


#7 BeanBoozled

Just like in Harry Potter Bertie Bott’s Jelly Beans you never know which flavor you can get. In a box you can find 10 colors of beans and 20 flavors – every color has one tasty flavor, and a disgusting flavor – Skunk Spray, Moldy Cheese, Baby Wipes, Rotten Egg, Vomit and more. Good luck tasting it!



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