French things that aren’t actually French

There are so many things from food to fashion and habits that people all around the world think that are French. But from some of it, it is actually just a good marketing. Add a French in front of everything and you get a traditional French thing and it doesn’t matter if the origin country isn’t France at all. So, here is a list of all French things that aren’t actually French. But we still love them.

#1 French kiss

So sorry, but it was first mentioned in the Kama Sutra, a book that was written long before France existed as a nation. But it would be weird to now change it into Indian kiss?

#2 French fries

Our famous meal actually come from Belgia. They said people fried potatoes back in 1600s, and serve it as a treat.

#3 French twist

This hairstyle has nothing in common with France. It is actually famous hairstyle from ancient Greek period.

Објава коју дели Ainslie Forrest Hair Design (@aforresthairdesign) дана

#4 French manicure

This type of manicure is popular from the invention of fashion. It was actually first used by Max Factor in Hollywood, and later it was replicated in Paris and then it became wildly popular.

Објава коју дели Ольга Галичая (@galichaiaolga) дана

#5 French braid

This hairstyle also is very old, people from ancient Greek culture wore it and famous Celtic warriors also used to braid their hair this way. And in China , women of the Sung dynasty wore them as a popular style of the day in ancient China.

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#6 The Beret

Sorry to disappoint you, but the famous French Beret is not at all French. One Biblical legend suggest that Noah himself invented a hat this shape and it was actually worn in ancient Greek, around 1500 BC.

Објава коју дели Sarah Loven 🌸 (@sarahloven) дана

#7 The Croissant

The is maybe the most painful of all – croissant is not French. It is austrian kipfel, first made with lots of butter and sprinkled with sugar in Austrian bakeries.

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