Funniest names ever! Be happy if your biggest problem is nickname Bob

For people with funny names childhood must have been a hard time and adulthood maybe even worse. Sometimes parents tend to give their kids all sorts of names, to make them unique and to pop out of crowd. But there should be limitations when it comes to which names you can give to your kid. Unfortunately for these people there was never such a thing and there never will be.

So, hello everybody! Nice to meet you all!

#1 She sound delicious!


#2 Must have been a tough childhood.

#3 71? Of hundred?

#4 He¬†won’t be welcomed in the USA.

#5 What have you felt, Dick?

#6 Just wondering, how old are you?

#7 It was a great pleasure knowing you.

#8 What else could he do in life?

#9 I’ll trust with my brain.

#10 It was just a matter of time.







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