Funny hairstyles people actually wear

Next time you go to your hairdresser, be careful, you might end up like people in the next few photos. Even though some of these hairstyle are truly work of art, they are still funny. Would your wear a pineapple on your head, or tomato? Not to mention famous sportsman, but who cares? You will definitely pop out of the crowd.

#1 Tennis ball haircut!

#2 Cool guy

#3 Whose hands are those?

#4 This is really a piece of art!

Rob Ferrel

#5 Anyone up for a pineapple?

#6 Or tomato?


#7 Would you wear a bear on the top of your hair?

Lisa Von Weise

#8 Nicely done, but scary.


#9 This guy must put on some weight, otherwise he can be pulled into sky!

#10 Statement haircut!


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