Hipsters being hipster – you must love them!

Well, whether you love hipsters or they annoy you must give them one – they are original as hell. As sometimes they can be hilarious for the the rest of the society. They have weird sense of style, weird pets and they developed some special love for the vintage things. What is your favorite hipster thing? You must have it. Check out next few photos and tell us which one do you find the best.

#1 Hipster are know for mixing unexpected things.

Twitter: @Sheamus

#2 Mmmm, yum.


#3 This must be heavy to carry in your bag during the day.

Twitter: @jorgericorico

#4 Uhm, is this even legal?


#5 It won’t get more hipster than this.


#6 And just when you though jars are the weirdest thing people drink from.

Twitter: @LiyanaRadzi

#7 Hipsters just playing in the snow.



#8 Meanwhile, at the airport.


#9 We have to come up with new word for this skinny jeans.


#10 If we can drink juice from glasses, why can’t we eat bread from bags? Although, they kind a look like socks to me.

Instagram: @londonpiggy

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