Horror movies based on the true stories

September 23, 2018

Whether you like horror movies or not, chances are that you have probably watched some of the following movies. Did you know that some of the most watched horror movies ever are actually inspired by true life events. With this fact in mind, we leave you with this list, and next time you watch any of these movies would be complete different experience.

#1 The Exorcist

The Exorcist is based on a story published in The Washington Post in 1949 about 14-year-old boy called Robbie. The boy lived in his grandmother’s house, and both were frequent users of the Ouija board. One night, however, Robbie claimed to have gone downstairs upon hearing some strange noises and witnessed a religious icon moving as though something was pounding the wall behind it. Days later, his grandmother died and he experienced paranormal activity shown in the movie.

#2 A Nightmare on Elm street

We all know story about Freddy Krueger but did you know that mysterious deaths in sleep happened years ago? Apparently 13 refugees form Laos died in their sleep. They were young males and there wasn`t any medical explanation for their death. Also, there is a story form Cambodian family about their son who was experiencing nightmares and was terrified to fell asleep. Finally, when went to bed, the family heard screams. When they got to him, he was dead, and no one could explain.

#3 Psycho

This horror story is an adaptation of the real-life story of Ed Gein, one of the world’s most notorious murderers. He became so infamous that he not only fueled the story for Psycho but also The Silence of the Lambs. He dug up corpses from the ground and used them to make clothes and hung their preserved faces on the walls of his house. He was properly deranged. Gein was caught when a trail of blood was found leading out the back door of a hardware store where he was recorded as the last person to make a purchase. Police merely went to question him and were faced with the horrors within his home.

#4 The Conjuring

Scary story about ghost are always creepy. This one is about family who moves in a new house and they discover that the house once belonged to a lady who tried to sacrifice her infant before cursing the land and committing suicide. It is her demon which is now haunting the house and tying to possess mother. Investigators that were doing investigation in real life about this weird events were consultants for the movie production.

#5 The Exorcism Of Emily Rose

This is a story about Anneliese Michel, born in Bavaria in 1952. Her family attended church regularly. However, after turning 16, Michel suffered from a seizure due to a specific type of epilepsy. She was prescribed drugs which would cease her seizures but would induce thoughts of suicide and depression. Her condition worsened and she started to see thing, so she was given more and more drugs. Eventually, she developed hatred for all things related to church so the family called the priest to perform an exorcism. She began to see things and was given more drugs to calm her now-diagnosed schizophrenia. She developed a hatred for all things church-related, which led to her family believing she was possessed. Thus, they sought a priest to perform an exorcism on their beloved daughter. After a total of 67 exorcisms, Anneliese Michel was found dead and the priest was a suspect, but he claimed that was done by eveil demon. Autopsy has shown that she was underweight, dehydrated and suffered from pneumonia. Her parents and the priest were found guilty for her death.

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