Japan is country from another planet!

Have you ever been to Japan? If so, you must have noticed how different things are there. People are polite and disciplined, and they have thought about everything, even the smallest details. You will experience a different culture and landscape, and here are some pictures that will prove you that Japan is a country like no other, maybe even from another planet!

#1 This is how they wait for the train.


#2 Expectations vs Reality In Japan

#3 This is called discipline.


#4 Channels are so clean that even fish can live in them

#5 Toilet can play music while you do what you have to do in the toilet.


#6 Coin can stay still in the moving train!


#7 Saving water in Japan.

#8 Manhole coverd with art!


#9 Fans stay to clean up after the game.

Joe Giddens – EMPICS

#10 Japanese bus driver are on strike!


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