Judge a movie by it’s poster

September 23, 2018

When you are looking for a movie to watch and you are just too lazy to watch a trailer, what would you do? Judge a movie by it’s poster. That is how you skip some movies that are maybe good and worth watching, but when you see poster, you are not so much for watching it. That makes me wonder, you invest so much money in production and cast, and everything, buy you are cheep on poster? Not cool at all. Here is our list of worst movie posters ever.

#1 Sex&City 2

Wow, can they be more photoshopped? They look like teen girls, and we all know how old they are.

#2 Death at a funeral

There are some missing necks and nipples. And what the hell is wrong with Chris Rock’s and Zoe Saldana’s faces?

#3 Knight and day

Well, this is just hilarious.

#4 The accidental husband

This look like they only used copy and paste. Arms are weirdly attached and the bouquets are smudged into one. Also, Colin Firth doesn’t look like himself, but Uma Thurman looks like she is 15.

#5 Bangkok dangerous

What has happened with his left arm? Is he standing by the window? Or next to a volcano?

#6 Over her dead body

Let’s just say that even head of Donald Trump would look more natural on the Eva Longoria’s body.

#7 Day of the dophin

Dear Mr. President stay away from dolphins if you wish to live. Amazing!

#8 Superman 3

Um, something is wrong here, but I can’t decide what exactly.

#9 The Gingerdead man 2

He looks like he is going to cut himself, or at least put a knife direct into his eye.

#10 Thrashin’

Okay, that is not what a body of a pregnant woman look like. The belly is disproportionately large compared to the upper parts, and the faces of men are too creepy. They look like they want to eat the baby while it is is in you.



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