Ladies night: Types of women you will meet

All dressed up and ready for best night ever? Not really. If you gather more than two women chances are that night can end up like a total disaster. But it can also be a fun disaster. So here are types of women you will meet on the ladies night. Which one are you?


This is probably woman who has younger brothers and sisters and mother-instinct since she was five. She will keep track of how many drinks you had and when is the right time to stop. She is also very useful when it comes to getting a cab, she will take care of everyone, and make sure that all girls arrive home safely. But her most important quality is: she takes your phone, so you cant text your ex!

Wild card

She looks and acts quietly, she does not drink nor speaks to inappropriate guys. She is shy, and she doesn’t like to be center of attention. Until she gets her hands on drinks. An hour later, you will see her dancing on the table. A few hours later try finding her in the bathroom, hugging the toilet.

Miss Nothing is good enough

She doesn’t like the club you have chosen. She keeps complaining about music, the crowd.  Cocktails aren’t cold enough, the waiter is rude and she wish she hasn’t gone out in the first place. During the night, somehow she ends up having fun, but she will never admit it.

An alcoholic

She likes to drink but she is no good at it. She thinks she can drink anyone under the table, but she is the one that ends up on the floor after just a few drink.  Tomorrow  she remembers only things she want.


An alcoholic’s best friend usually. She drinks on the same level as an alcoholic, but she doesn’t pay attention to it. After few drinks she starts crying and telling everyone how much she loves them. Even a waiter.


This is one of those people you just click in instantly.  She compliment your dress and you liked her shoes. This kind of meeting usually takes place in women’s toilet. She is your new best friend, she gives you a number of her hairdresser. You keep talking about having a coffee together. You never see her again.

Miss Always going through hard break up

Somehow she is always in some bad relationships, always going through break ups, and always crazy in love. She keeps talking about her exes, and she wonder would she be happier if she stayed with the previous guy. She ends up flirting with the bartender.

Late one

She is always late about 15 minutes, but when it comes to going out she is absolutely the worst. She will show up and hour and a half later, taking how she had a problem with dress, or a bird flew in her apartment.  Or raccoon came to her door.

Messy one

She needs an entire week to get ready for the Saturday night. At Wednesday she prepares an outfit and make hair and make up appointment. But on Saturday evening, suddenly she doesn’t like anything. She thinks she looks fat in that dress and her hair isn’t fluffy enough. She tries on every single thing she poses but ends up with the first outfit she has chosen.

Miss Tomboy

She doesn’t like heals and dresses, and make up is such a bum. She would like to stay home and watch a game rather than go out and drink expensive cocktails in uncomfortable shoes you made her to wear. Her night gets better when she meet a fellow fan of the same sport club she loves.

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