Listening to other people’s conversation can be funny!

Even though it is extremely rude, sometimes you can’t  help yourself, and you hear things that are none of your business. If you are curios enough, you might end up talking with strangers about their issues, but if not – you may just end up tweeting about it. Here are some of the most funniest conversations you heard when you were not suppose to!

#1 Well, she is right. Remember these words of wisdom.

#2 Wow, that is so mean! Nice prank, though.

#3 Saved by the pants.

#4 Yeah, really, why don’t you?

#5 That is quite common with the parents!

#6 Taxi driver know the truth.

#7 OCD maybe or just being bored?

#8 Try asking for Donald instead.

#9 Ooo.

#10 It would be sweet if they weren’t old?

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