Mums are the coolest persons ever

Okay, lets face it, when you come to certain age – you  start remembering all the wise thing your mum used to say to you. You suddenly realize: your mum is the coolest person ever. You can not outsmart her and she is always right. Let’s just add some facts in case you are 15 and you still think you are right.

#1 They know loving yourself if the most important love!

Twitter: @MegglesMaggu

#2 They make the best jokes.

#3 Revenge is the best when served with mustard.

Twitter: @thatchinkchelly

#4 They are wise.

#5 They mastered humor.

#6 And selfies.

Twitter: @_debbii3e

#7  They are good in kitchen.

#8 They are the best in making memes.

Twitter: @lesbianolivier

#9 You can not mess with them. They are better in doing it.

Twitter: @millselle

#10 Mums know best.

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