No one will tell you these things about adulthood

Well, changes are hard, we all knew that. But no one told us what it really means to be an adult. You imagined your own space, plenty of time, booze and friends but the reality is a bit different. And often nothing like you have imagined. Keep reading and find out what no one will tell you about being an adult.

#10 Broken dreams

If you are short, there is hope to start growing. You won’t get any taller. And younger for sure.

#9 No love is unconditionally

Hm, if you have a pet who you love so much, don’t be surprised if you start envy him or her. Your cat gets to sleep more than 14 per day, and how many do you get? Five, if you are very lucky.

#8 You will put on weight

There is no one you can ask what is for dinner when you come home tired from work. It’s up to you now buddy. So you will probably end up eating junk food and put on some weight in during period of adaptations on adultery.

#7 Is’s all up to you

There is so many things to think about. Just remember if you don’t buy toilet paper, remember no one will. It works for everything, and if if you leave stuff behind you, there is no one to clean for you. Again, all depends on you.

#6 Kids won’t love you

You become your worst nightmare. You become cranky old neighbor and you start yelling at kids, at dogs, at cats, everybody that keeps you away from your precious sleep.

#5 You will be considered creepy

Going to the movies to watch new Disney animated movie without a kid in the age of 30 will attract a lot of jugging views. Maybe even a few police calls.

#4 You are getting older every day

Waking up in pain is normal thing if you slept in wrong position. Back pain are now normal thing, and you don’t pay too much attention to that. You wear painkillers in your wallet.

#3 Holidays are not so fun

Holidays are expensive. Very expensive and that can kill your joy about magical Christmas and New Year. You will keep calculating how much money can you spend and how to save some money, because let’s be real: life continues after holiday and January is the longest month in the year.

#2 You can end up broke

You stop looking forward to less working hours. It just means that you will get less money.

#1 Say goodbye to your favorite food

When you are kid you can eat what ever you want and still look good. As you get older, you favorite food turns against you. So no more pizzas and burgers in late night hours. 🙁


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