Not so ordinary wedding photos

They say a picture is worth a thousands words. Well, when it comes to next few pictures, all I can think of are some bad words. WTF and so on. You get the point. Enjoy the Russian wedding pictures and you maybe even get an idea for your own wedding!

#1 Hm, what?!

#2 Runaway bride with a new meaning.

#3 Thank God I wasn’t invited to this wedding.

#4 And I though being a one person with a significant other is impossible.

#5 Please, someone should alert feminists.

#6 No secrets between each other for sure.

#7 No comment.

#8 Just to be clear who is the boss from the start.

#9 A bit creepy. Eating watermelon is going to be a whole new experience after this picture.

#10 Throwing chicken in the air for good luck!


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