Once again, animals made us laugh

There is a saying that goes something like this: Who doesn’t love animals, he doesn’t love people either. Animals are our best friends and we love them a lot, and sometimes even more. Especially when they are source of laugh, and that is quite often. Luckily for you we gather some of the most funnies animal’s picture, caught just at right moment. We hope you will enjoy our choice!

#1 How surprised he will be when he realise that his dinner is stuffed?

#2 This is so rude!

#3 Panda being panda.

Mitsuaki Iwago

#4 That is one serious stinky bomb!

Caters News Agency

#5 Hello, can anyone help me?


#6 I did not take the ball.

Andy Kovac

#7 Can this day be any worse????

Tom Stables

#8 My dear friend…

Phil Lanoue

#9 I can stay here all day.


#10 Please don’t leave me.


#11 If you say that is a lake, we trust you.

#12 Long neck is still a symbol of beauty, even in animal’s world.


#13 I expect to see my skin glowing after this treatment.


#14 Poor little guy.

#15 Too much wine.

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