Pay attention to your kid if he/she starts acting like this

Having a kid can be the best thing you do with your life, but it is also a great responsibility. Especially when they are young and all they do is play with their toys. Did you know that you can learn a lot about your kid if you look how he/she plays with toys? Most of the times they are just hilarious and enjoy their childhood, because soon enough they will become teens. And that is a nightmare. Until then have fun looking to these weird and funny kids behavior.

#1 When your kid enjoy drinking from a head of her doll… Just imagine what she will do when she grow up.

ainaab_ / Via Instagram: @lainaab_

#2 It is time for an awkward conversation.

gagabacon / Via Instagram: @gagabacon

#3 Tied up doll or extreme fashion accessories?

crystalkewl / Via Instagram: @crystalkewl

#4 That is not how you play with boys.

lindholme_house / Via

#5 Doll’s head from the oven can be tasty.

dogtor_mom / Via

#6 Pay attention to what you kid watches on TV.

jennaclements • / Via

#7 Or what is her idea of make up.

sastrugi_gill / Via

#8 Eating cups is never a good sign.

sastrugi_gill / Via

#9 Or flushing a doll down the toilet.

elizamfulton / Via Instagram: @elizamfulton

#10 Or hanging them!!!

aprilandersonphoto / Via

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