People actually eat these food. Would you?

When it comes to nutrition, every now and then there is some research that change the way we eat, there is a new diet trend, or a new must-eat foodstuff or incredible healthy beverage. But, what about some things that people eat all over the world, that would never cross your mind? Such as chicken feet, animals eyeballs, spiders and other yummy things.

Prepare your stomach for next few specialties.

#1 Fried spiders – Cambodia


This is a popular dish in Cambodian town of Skuon. Spiders are prepared with sugar, salt and fried with garlic.

#2 Sago Delight – Southeast Asia

Edible sago grubs are said to be creamy tasting when raw or meaty and like bacon when cooked.  But still look disgusting.

#3 Stink bugs – Africa

Stinkbugs are said to have a crunch to them and taste a little like apple and when boiled they are said to be tasty.

#4 Mopane Worms – Southern Africa

A big fat, juicy worm that’s said to be full of meat and they are prepared with tomato or chilly sauce.

#5 Frog Legs – France, Southeast Asia and other countries

Legs of a frog are grilled, baked, fried or stewed, and apparently they taste like chicken and fish.

#6 Kangaroo – Australia

It’s gamey in flavour and served in multiple ways, from a simple steak to sausages or burgers.

#7 Crocodile – Australia, Southeast Asia and Africa

Shoes are not only product we can make from crocodile. His meat is considered delicacy in some parts of the world, and said to be healthy too.

#8 Fried Rattlesnake

It is said to taste like frog legs and it has much fat, so it is not recommended meal for the ones who keep track of calories.

#9 Turtle Soup – China, Singapore and United States

Well, as the name says it is made of turtles. It is made of  meat, skin and innards of the soft-shell turtle.

#10  Cobra Heart – Vietnam

They open a cobra in front of you and slice it, so they pull out the heart and you eat it in glass full of cobras blood.


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