Robots are taking over!

As technology continues to develop, there are somethings that are hard to imagine even for those with wildest imagination. It is no surprise that robots are used in factory and humanoids are getting more and more attention in the industry but also in the some other fields such as management, sales, teaching and more. Well, we created a list of top 7 jobs that are taking over by the robots, be careful if your job is on it!

#1 Robot buddhist monk

Yes, you read it well! This Android holy man is made in Japan and he  can perform a service for any of the four major Buddhist sects.

#2 Baseball fan robot

If you don’t want you stadium to look empty you can fill it with robots that look like real baseball fans. This idea came from Korean baseball club Hanwha Eagles and they use robots to lure people to come and watch games.

#3 Novelist robots

Yeah, robots can do that and they are very good at it. For the past few years, for example in Russia one of the best sellers was written by robot. And one book was listed for a literary prize. But we must not forget that humans were the ones who programmed robots to do that.

#4 Music composer robot

If robot can write novels why can’t he make music as well? In fact, researchers at Georgia Tech have created a robot called Shimon that can compose and play its own music. First he listens to music to get inspiration, and then he make it.

#5 Customer support robot

When you call to ask for a human, one company, Premier Health Agency forward you to the robot. Her name is Samantha West and she denied being a robot.

#6 Food critics robot

How do you know if the food is good? You taste it. But now you can give it to the robot and he will give his opinion. It doesn’t work exactly like that, but something close to it. It was developed as a secret project on Thailand and it is used to find bad copies of Thai food.

#7 Robot builder robot

If you have robots for almost everything else, why wouldn’t you have robot for making other robots? There is factory in Japan that contains only of robots whose work is to make other robots. Pretty great, don’t you think and not at all spooky? We must wait and see what will the future bring.

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