Roller coaster: always a fun way to make a fool out of yourself

It starts moving slowly, then a bit quicker, your palms are sweating, your heart is beating so fast, you feel adrenalin rush, and you are scared. Then, someone takes camera and take a photo of you.

That is the way these picture are made. Enjoy and try to look good next time you go to the amusement park.

#1 He obviously didn’t tell her there is a water splash at the end.

turtle fast

#2 What’s up Superman?


#3 This kid will have some trust issues when he grow up.


#4 Staged, but amazing.

LittleGuy Josh

#5 When your head is on fire and the breeze you feel on the
roller coaster isn’t helping.

#6 I feel bad for laughing at her, she is so scared.


#7 That’s the spirit.


#8 Come, they said. It would be fun, they said.


#9 Complete masters of their minds.


#10 Just a melting kid, nothing more.

#11 Jealous clown because he is not center of everyones attention.

Hamish Hamilton

#12 Why, god, why did I agreed to this?

#13 Hi there pretty girl. How you doin?


#14 Why is always dad that takes children to roller coaster?

#15 Take care of your arms while you are on roller coaster.


#16 Guy in the back is adopted.

#17 Another melting face, but this one melted to alien.


#18 I will be good, I promise.


#19 This fear is real, and you better do not look at it.

#20 Grumpy wife thinking how to get even with her husband for this.



– What is wrong my little princesses? Are you not having fun?


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