Should we laugh or should we cry? Millennials are maybe the most fucked up generation so far

When you ask a millennial what is his biggest problem, be prepared to listen for hours. Some research has shown that millennials are having less sex than the pessimistic, nihilistic generation before them. And somehow, that is not their biggest . To keep thing short, look at next few memes, we still can’t┬ádecide if they make us laugh or cry.

#1 Every time on the job interview.

#2 Is there anything they can’t do? Oh, yeah buy a house for example and a decent dinner.

Twitter: @rudy_mustang

#3 They are smart.

Twitter: @Abid_ism

#4 Entire season for a night. Why not, it is cheaper for sure.

#5 This is just sad.

#6 Lower your standards.

#7 You have windows? Wow, you must be rich or something.

#8 I never understood their craving for avocado. Can anyone explain?

Time / Via Twitter: @grgdwyr

#9 And you don’t have to work.


#10 Well said.

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