Situations we all can relate to!

You are not alone in trying to continue a dream after you wake up, when turning off the radio to see the house number, to notice the difference between the number of people who see your Instagram story and the number of people who actually like your posts, leaving a crusted pot to soak just because you are to lazy to wash it immediately… When people post something like this online, how often do you “Dammit, I thought I was the only one”? How many of the next few posts can you relate to?

#1 Not nice, but we all do it sometimes.

#2 Been there, done that.

#3 There are older people who still do that.

#4 So sad, but true.

#5 Seriously guys, what is the deal with it?

#6 Has anyone ever managed to continue his dream?

#7 I hate when that happens.

#8 So true.

#9 Because that will do the trick.

#10 We all do it.

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