Stop asking single people these questions

If you are single in this world, chances are that you must face a lot of question people think is their to ask. They don’t realize how rude is to ask this intimate questions or how annoying it can be. So we gathered a list  of question single people hate to hear. So if you know someone who is single, please stop asking them these things.

#1 How are YOU single?

Yeah, like that is not the question every single person keep asking herself. There is no need for you to ask them too.

#2 What are you waiting?

Single person is probably waiting for you to ask her this to find a significant other. Every person has her own reasons for living a life, you might not be able to understand, so stop making everybody uncomfortable.

#3 What happened to ______? (name if an ex)

Shit happens, relationships end. That is life, and you shouldn’t ask this, because maybe the person is going through hard break up and having troubles accepting it. The last thing he or she needs is you to remind them.

#4 It will happen when you least expect it.

Okay, this is not a question, but it is a line every single person must have hear at least once in their life. No one actually believes in it, so stop saying it.

#5 Have you tried Tinder? (or any other dating app)

Really, that is your advice? And how put you in charge into coaching someone how to arrange his love life? Instead of doing this, you should concentrate to your own life.

#6 Are you too picky?

This is maybe the worst thing ever. Who are you to tell other person to lower their criteria? Just let it go.

#7 How is single life these days?

This is clearly a line that says that you are now single for a long, long time. You want to know how fun must be to go out, to meet new people and being involved with someone no strings attached.  Be careful with this, maybe a single person is sick of parties and just want something real. Or, he or she doesn’t have time to explain you, because he is in a hurry to the next party. You will never know, so stop putting your nose everywhere.

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