The funniest Facebook fails ever

Oh. You must love Facebook. You can find anyone you wish here, and these guys just make the best out of it. Someone should have told them, but it is funnier this way. Enjoy this list of funniest Facebook fails ever!

P.S. Big thank to person who invented screenshot.

#1 This guy nailed it!


#2 Uhm, please do not do it again. It is illegal.

#3 Well, this parrot must be a special one for sure.

#4 Please do not eat lions, they are beautiful.

#5 God made the earth 2014 years ago a birthday for Jesus.

#6 Well, Canadians are known for being naive.

#7 This is a common mistake obviously.

#8 You got me. Really hard question.

#9 No comment on this one.

#10 Please let us know. This is mind-blowing.

Does any of your Facebook friends post similar stuff?

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