There are no coincidences and this proves it

If you have ever wondered are they coincidences in life and what do they mean, the answer is no. Everything happens for a reason, and where you accidentally put something, tells a different story. So here is our list of perfect coincidences that are not so circumstantial.

#1 Are you up for a coffee? Not quite.

#2 Or hurry up, you might miss it!

#3 Sherlock, behave! It is not nice to shoot people. Maybe vampires.

#4 You can find all the necessary gadgets on one place,

#5 Unfortunate place for a pussycat!

#6 Well, this must put together on purpose.

#7 Nice placement for CDs, don’t you agree?

#8 Khm, nice …. I mean wheels.

#9 Of course, they know where to come for lunch.

#10 Baby needs what it needs.

#11 Post-workout power move. P.S. Look at her face!

#12 Great add placement! Look at how happy they are!

#13 If you still have doubts about coincidences, this will make them go away.

#14 This is great customer service.

#15 So true!


Do you still believe in coincidences?

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