These animals are more popular on Instagram than you!

They are sweet, beautiful, interesting, funny and ultra popular! They have millions on followers on Instagram and they are truly stars in digital world. They are animals and they have more followers than you will ever get. You know how, when you scroll down you Instagram there are cute puppies, kittens, little tigers and squirrels? Well, embrace it – Instagram is all about animals. And next animals are currently ruling it.

#1 Doug The Pug – itsdougthepug

“‪Pugs are one of Earth’s greatest gifts” -Doug

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#2 Nala the cat – nala_cat

I have a personal stylist🤪 Getting ready for my big day! Tune in my Facebook Watch on 4/27 at 10am PT for my Facebook Watch Premiere📺🎞

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#3 Juniper the fox – juniperfoxx

🌿”What should I do if I find a baby fox in the wild?”🌿 🦊 Baby foxes are referred to as “kits”, if you find a fox kit alone it doesn’t always mean that they’re an orphan. Many times you may be taking a perfectly healthy young fox out of its environment, unknowingly. Mother foxes do leave their young periodically to hunt. If you find a fox kit, it is best to leave it alone unless it is injured or clearly malnourished. If you have to ability to keep an eye on the baby take some time to see if mom comes back. If there are no signs of a mother for at least 48 hours, the next step is to contact your local wildlife rehabilitator. Which you can find by contacting the department of natural resources or even a quick google search. 🦊 If you need to house a kit, here are a few things to keep in mind. Try not to feed the baby, a lot of times by offering the wrong food you can make the situation much worse. Many times people have great intentions, but by offering a non species appropriate diet they often do more damage. Changing from mother’s milk to a milk replacement can also be very hard on a baby’s stomach and can often times cause them to go downhill fast due to diarrhea and vomiting. If feeding is necessary (life or death) give pedialyte. Also be sure to give the fox a nice dark, warm, and quite place to settle. Even at a young age they can easily be over stressed which can, in some cases, also lead to death. 🦊 Many countries have different laws when it comes to keeping wildlife. In the US it is illegal to keep animals that are found in the wild. Often times keeping wild animals leads to their confiscation and heavy fines. If I have any wildlife rehabbers out there feel free to comment any additional advice. I hope you guys find this at least a little helpful, I know many of you have nothing but the best intentions! #livingwithjuni

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#4 Pumpkin the raccoon – pumpkintheraccoon

🎃”Ummmm… Toffee and Oreo. How dare you joke about cancelling Taco Tuesday!” 🌮🌮🌮🌮

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#5 Grumpy Cat – realgrumpycat

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#6 Maddie the coonhound – thiswildidea

Steichen said a portrait is not made in the camera but on either side of it. It’s important to document and tell the stories of those we love. Our little details matters ya know? . I know one day if I’m lucky enough to be an old man I’ll look back at all these images with joy. . If you’re not busy today point your camera towards something you love. Photographs have this beautiful ability to age so gracefully.

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#7 Hamilton the cat – hamilton_the_hipster_cat

Happy #nationalhighfiveday Apparently that’s a thing… #highfive #✋ #mustachecat

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#8 Pudge the cat – pudgethecat

#piggypudgey baths 🔈🔛🔊

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#9 Lil Bub the cat – iamlilbub

This Earth Day, BUB would like to thank Halo Pets for exclusively using humanely sourced protein from free-range sustainable farms. It’s good for our pets and great for our planet. GOOD JOB HALO. #lilbub #earthday

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#10 Crusoe the Dachshund – crusoe_dachshund

“Guess who’s back?! You say the name!” ~ Crusoe (video coming soon)

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