These four little girls can run the world!

Raising up four girls, or any kids, can be tough. Be it is also very funny and a way to learn a lot about life. There is one special dad than can tell you a lot about how it is to be a dad of four incredible girls. James Breakwell is the pseudonym of a comedy writer and father of four girls, ages seven and under, best known for his comedy Twitter account XplodingUnicorn, which has over 950,000 followers, which went viral in April 2016. Here are some of his most interesting situation, shared on his Twitter. Have fun!

#1 Interesting lesson for sure!

#2 Eternal mystery.

#3 Well, duh!

#4 Little girl knows the truth.

#5 Everything is okay if it’s yours.

#6 Way to go, girl!

#7 With these negotiation skills, there is a bright future waiting for you!

#8 Just 3 and sees and knows everything.

#9 Yeah, that is the truth.

#10 We support you!

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