These photoshop fails are hilarious. How have they missed it?

Photoshop is very useful thing, and can make your photos look amazing. But sometimes slight touch on the picture can have a hilarious result. Check out this photoshop fails and  don’t forget to share with your friends. They deserve a good laugh too.

What is with this large head?

Alert! Big headed people are conquering the world!

Alongside with people with no head at all?

This was on the cover of a newspaper and no one saw there is extra hand?

Maybe this guy lost his hand on the game (previous pic)?

Arm 25% off?

Wow! What a hip this girl has! Even though is slightly disproportionately with the rest of the body.

This arms are so long he can tie his shoe laces without bending.

Well, this guy can land on Earth from space only with his right leg.

Jennifer Anniston must have train him how to do that.

Is he like this on the front side?

Well, who is holding the dog? And how can they stand when they don’t have legs?

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