These sea monsters exist and they will scare you for life!

Next list consist of unbelievable sea creatures. All of them looks like they have run from a horror movie poster, but trust us: they are real, mysterious and dangerous. So, if you notice any of them swim as hard as you can and try to forget what you have just seen.

#10 Deep-sea dragonfish

This creepy creature lives at depths of up to 5000m. He lives in a places where there is no light, no plants and environment is entirely still, no storms down there.

Creepy factor: 7/10

Indoona / Via

#9 Underwater vampire/squid

Okay, that is not his official name, but it should be. There is not much facts humanity knows about this monster, just that he lives at depths of up to 900m. He doesn’t need much oxygen and he has 8 arms, lined with rows of fleshy spines so it looks like he is wearing a cloak.

Creepy factor: 6/7

Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute / Via

#8 Giant squid

This is not just a part of a legend. This underwater monster can reach a maximum size at 12-14 m, and can weight about 750kg. This creature also have the biggest eyes in the animal kingdom. He can make harm to even a whale!

Creepy factor: 8/10

NTNU Vitenskapsmuseet/ Creative Commons / Via

#7 Goblin shark

Prehistoric looking sea monster? Creepy enough? Add to it that it has transparent skin so you can actually see inside her, and find out what was (or who) her last meal.

Creepy factor: 9/10

Julian K Finn / Museum Victoria/ Creative Commons / Via, anna_bellee / Via

#6 Atlantic wolffish

This one is green and it looks like alien monster. Definitely doesn’t look like something from this planet, and if you thinks these teeth are gross, just remember this – it has teeth even in his throat.

Creepy factor: 8/10 

Flickr: Kamil Porembiński / Via Flickr: paszczak000

#5 Pacific viperfish

This looks like it sparkle in the dark. His long fangs also couldn’t fit in her mouth so there must stay outside. And this one is the ultimate predator. Stay away from it if you can!

Creepy factor: 10/10

Flickr: JesseClaggett/Creative Commons / Via Flickr: farhaven

#4 The black swallower

This monster have a huge stomach where he can store up something 10 times bigger than itself. His name says a lot about him, so don’t try any experiment, where are sure you will fit his stomach.

Creepy factor: 7/10

Dan Kitwood / Getty Images

#3 Monkfish

Just look at this disgusting creature. It is enough to start imagining your worst beach nightmares come true, because this isn’t strictly deep sea fish, but it can be found in deep sea also.

Creepy factor: 9/10

Alexander Mayrhofer/ Creative Commons / Via, ethan_kahn / Via

#2 Chimaera

Chimaera is usually referred as a ghost shark. Very little is know about this deep sea fish, and it has been just recently filmed for the first time.

Creepy factor: 9/10

National Geographic / Via

#1 Stargazer

This fish doesn’t so scary at first look, but there is something about her face that creeps the hell out of me. Somehow it looks like it has a human look in her eyes, which is enough to start imagining all kinds of scenarios.

Creepy factor: 10/10

@Calcd_Uncertainty / Via

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