This commercials made us laugh so hard (Show them to your kids)

Remember the time when TV commercial were funny and interesting? Nowadays there are no such commercial, but thanks to Youtube and some good guys that who uploaded funniest commercials, we can still enjoy them.

So, here is our list of funny commercial, add your favorite bellow the article!

P.S. Sorry for the video quality, this is old, but gold!

#1 Please do not try this at home.

#2 We all could use this samurai guy sometimes.

#3 Calm down dude. You are not Joey Tribbiani.

#4 That`s called good marketing.

#5 Hm, not sure this is even appropriate. Hello, kids rights violation?

#6 This is just unbelievable.

#7 Anger issues? Please be kind to cyclists.

#8 That little devil!

#9 Gonna cancel my acupuncture appointment right now.

#10 Be careful what you drink!

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