Those funny cats made us laugh once again!

wWho doesn’t love cats? Especially when they act like a complete idiots and make us laugh all the time. This is basically the reason behind their existence. Look at the next few and go find your cat and tell her/him how much you love him. Even though he can be stupid sometimes.

#1 Great place to chill out…

Reddit/ joshanders84

#2 Why not?

Reddit/ anyboozewilldo

#3 It’s not what it looks like…

#4 Stupid.

Reddit/ KingkongRS7

#5 That is not how it is supposed to be used.

Reddit/ thefoxsay

#6 HM, what?

Reddit/ catpuccinoz

#7 Don’t leave your kitten home alone.

Reddit/ RespectMyAuthoriteh

#8 Is’s not the way you should eat your food.

Reddit/ lilred181

#9 Cat-bat?


#10 Leave your suit on the floor and this is what you will find next morning.


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