Top 10 celebs that are sober (Yeah, that can happen)

When you think about celebrities and their lifestyle first things that come to your mind probably are glamorous parties filled with alcohol and drugs, because that is how we see their life in movies. There are so many famous people that used to talk about their drug addiction and rehab publicly, so we have the impression that almost every celebrity is like that. In reality, there are also so many of them dedicated to family life and healthy lifestyle, but they are just not that interesting for the news portals. But somehow lately, you can find more and more inspirational stories from celebrities that manage to deal with stress form entertainment industry in a healthy way.

Here is a list of celebrities that are sober and some of them may come as a surprise to you. Have fun!

#1 Lady Gaga

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#2 Kim Kardashian

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#3 Eminem

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#4 Elton John

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#5 Edie Falco

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#6 Donald Trump

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#7 Demi Lovato

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#8 Daniel Radcliffe

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#9 Bradley Cooper

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#10 Ben Affleck

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