Top 10 cities to visit in Asia

There is so much to see and do in the Asian continent, but we tried to sum up and created a list of top 10 travel destination in Asia. Tell us your suggestions in the comments below.

#10 Hanoi

One of the most charming cities in entire Asia, Hanoi still is somehow managed to preserve originals of Vietnamese culture, even though it is modern capital. It has over 600 temples, it is filled with parks and shady boulevards and definitely worth visiting.

#9 Ubud

This city is located in Bali, famous for its amazing landscapes and no it is nothing weird that Bali is the most popular island in Indonesia. This is a center for traditional crafts and dance. The surrounding is stunning with rainforest and terraced rice paddies, but also with Hindu temples and shrines.

#8 Beijing

If you are planning trip to Asia, maybe Beijing is the first place to visit. Here are some of the Chin`s most popular ancient attractions such as The Temple of Heaven and Forbidden city. Start here and then move on to the Great Wall of China, spectacular symbol of this country.

#7 Bangkok

With its sunny beaches, intense nightlife, but also ancient temples Bangkok is a great way to meet Asia. It is also one of the most popular destination for Western travelers.

#6 Seoul

Seoul may seem like city from the future, but South Koreans still hold fast to their rich heritage. You can find historical places between lively shopping malls and bars.

#5 Tokyo

Japan`s megacity Tokyo is crazy, fast and colorful, but also full of stunning museums and historical sights. Book your flight to Tokyo in cherry blossom season, and you will understand the new meaning of the word crowd, but the view is definitely worth it.

#4 Siem Reap

This city in Cambodia is famous because it is easy to get around, there are things worth seeing at every corner, and from here you can visit Angkor Vat, a temple older than over 900 years old located in the heart of jungle.

#3 Singapore

Singapore is a modern green city, and you should visit it for the food, shopping and don`t forget a unique blend of cultures you will find only in Singapore.

#2 Shanghai

This amazing city in China is filled with towering skyscrapers, incessant traffic, and streets make such a  labyrinth of streets that often intimidates visitors. This is with no doubt China`s most dynamic metropolis, so be ready to embrace the unexpected, the radically new and the immense crowds.

#1 Mumbai

Even though it is one of the most crowded cities in the world, the charm of Mumbai is that you can find peaceful places all around the city. Try sample food on the street, explore the city by walking, try shopping here and you will get a glimpse into the real India.

Where would you go first?

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