Top 10 Epic Kitchen Fails

We all were beginners in kitchen once. And hopefully we didn`t kill someone during that period. Note to all those in process of learning how to cook: just follow the instructions and do not put plastic things in oven. They burn.

Here is a list of top 10 epic kitchen fails, share yours in comments bellow.

#10 Tinkerbell never looked so tired or not like herself.

#9 Something happened to Sponge Bob, not sure what but he definitely does not look tasty.

#8 Creepy and not sure if it is eatable.

#7 Perfect way to spice up your day from the start.

#6 Spinach is healthy, creepy boys aren`t.

#5 Poor little Ariel. She must have missed her hair appointment.

#4 You can try cooking in ceramic bowl, but you will stay hungry.

#3 When knife is sharp enough.

#2 One word – electric.

#1 Remember this. Plastic things don`t react well with heat.

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