Top 10 epic toy design fails

We all love toys and who wouldn’t?

They are so soft and fluffy. But sometimes, toy produces seem to be a little distracted and then we end up with even more interesting toys. Try duck with four legs, slightly sexy balloon and toys head hidden in another toy. Maybe that is a special game: how many heads can you collect? Enjoy our list and comment bellow which one is your favorite.

#10 Well, hello there Spiderman… How high can you fly?

#9 Khm, khm. Children’s toys are getting a bit more realistic then parents would like them to be.

#8 Who wants to blow up this ballon?

#7 Did the horse ate this doll or what?

#6 And this bear ate what this is what is piking from his stomach?

#5 These are toys for babies. Because sexual education is never too early to start with.

#4 And Santa is just a man. Dont judge him because of it.

#3 Who the hell shaves the baby?

#2 Spiderman is one of the most selling toys in the world. No wonder why.

#1 Where can we find this special duck?

Source: Bored Panda

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