Top 10 funniest signs you will ever see

The thing about signs is that they are purposely made so that anyone can understand them. So they are quite the same in every country you will ever visit. Except those who are a bit different, or the occasions are different. So thumbs up for these warnings, they can seriously save your life, because penguins, pigeons  can be dangerous  and so can the sign with it’s sharp edges.

Enjoy our list and don’t forget to stay away to stay away from Bob.

#10 Little late for this warning don’t you agree?

Papaver Somniferum

#9 Because that is their natural habitat?


#8 But if you eat heathy and do exercises, don’t pay attention to this. You probably won’t make them sick.


#7 Because that is a real problem.


#6 What is wrong with these birds?


#5 Or join him.

dan taylor

#4 Take your granny for a walk. Only 15 bucks.


#3 They had to place a sign for this?


#2 Don’t do … Well nothing. And especially don’t run through the window after you haven’t done any of these things.


#1 Am I the only one who now wants to meet Bob?


Source: BoredPanda

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