Top 10 interesting fact about cats

Cats are exceptional creatures and we think we know a lot about them. They are more than just a fluffy fur and sweet face, and here is a list of top 10 most interesting facts about these pretty little animals.

#1 Special eyes

Shape of their pupils reveal their true predatory nature. They are in fact predators who can see in the dark and not get blinded by midday sun.

#2 Purring is not only sign of happiness

Cat owners love to hear their pet purring, and they think that is a sign that they are doing something very good. That is true, but did you know that cats purr even in stressful situations? Scientists have found that cats pure to improve bone density and promote healing by stimulating bones and muscles without putting stressing their bodies.

#3 Cats live long

The oldest cat living right now is 27 years old. Cat that lived the longest life was  cat named Creme Puff and she lived for 38 years and 3 days. Generally, domestic cats live from 17 to 10 years.

#4 Cats are better hunters than dogs

Looking from evolutionary perspective, a recent study showed that cats were better at hunting and were more capable of survival than dogs. The same study showed that cats out-fought and out-hunted dogs.

#5 Cats don’t care to listen

Even though it may seem like your cat knows her name, he will ignore you on purpose very often. Unlike dogs, it is not in their nature to obey human orders.

#6 You can pet you cat wrong

If you think that your cat like any way you pet her, you are terribly wrong. Cats like to be petted on their face, cheeks and lips, where they have scent glands. You cat doesn’t like to be petted to under the tale, it make her extremely uncomfortable.

#7 Cats can’t taste sweetness

They just lack the amino acids that would make the DNA for the gene allowing them to detect sweet tastes. Cats have no need to detect the sweetness that is found in carbohydrates or plant-based sources of food.

#8 Man is more attractive to women if he owns a cat

Some studies had shown that women reported being more attracted to men who liked animals, but male cat owners were also perceived as being nicer and more caring. So if you are man and single, adopt a cat!

#9 Cats owners are more enthusiastic

There are differences between cat-people and dog-people. As one research shown cat-people, compared to dog-people, are more open, have a special appreciation for art, emotion, adventure, unusual ideas and generally are more openminded.

#10 Not all cats love catnip

Most of the cats have a mind reaction to the catnip, but there is 20, 30 percent of cat species that is completely immune to this herb and the reaction is determined by genetics. Also, kittens younger than six months are also immune.

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