Top 10 Jokes about Marvel`s Avengers that are so hilarious (and so true)

As we wait for the ultimate Avengers movie lets remember to some of the most hilarious jokes about them that went viral in a second. And somehow, Thor is main character in most of them.

#10 How nervous was T`challa on the first date with Nakia?

#9 Thor and his hammer, never gets old

#8 Did Odin really missed the signs with Loki?

#7 I can see this happening after Civil War.


#6 How do Loki and Peter get along?

#5 Is there something Thor cannot do?

#4 Clearly not be a good influence.

#3 Is this real?

#2 Who want some pancakes?

#1 ImagineĀ Asgardians on Earth and Thor teaching them about life here

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