Top 10 Nicholas Cage movies

You know how some actors just light up even the worst movies ever? Well, that is the deal with Nicholas Cage. Interesting fact about him is that he is actually the nephew of famous film director Francis Ford Coppola. He changed his name to Nicolas Cage as a way to separate his identity from that of his famous uncle. He chose the name Cage as a tribute to comic-book superhero Luke Cage. We just love this actor and here is the list of his best movies! If we missed anything, please let us now in the commentsection bellow.  So lets get started!

#10 Joe (2013)

#9 Leaving Las Vegas (1995)

#8 The Rock (1996)

#7 Raising Arizona (1987)

#6 National Treasure (2004)

#5 Adaptation (2002)

#4 The Trust (2016)

#3 Moonstruck (1987)

#2 Con Air (1997)

#1 Face Off (1997)


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