Top 10 tattoo fails ever

Why God, Why?

This must be your first thought when you see these picture of scandalous tattoos. It is not nice to make laugh at someone else`s misery, bit this is hilarious. We hope you will enjoy and think twice before you get your tattoo.

#10 This was a huge 2000s trend. Well not exactly like this, but you get the point and this guy nailed it!

#9 Find the difference.

Well, you can`t. These two tattoos are obviously exact copies.

#8 Talking about copping. Who said nipple copping is forbidden?

#7 Or labeling them? With a mistake. 3th nipple is a very common phenomenon.

#6 This is just creepy. Unusually large head and small arms? Not cool.

#5 Just be openminded. Jesus will understand.

#4 How many families does this guy have?

#3 I like Marilyn Monroe on the right, it looks more like a proper person.

#2 Hm, this is wrong on so many levels.

#1 Really? Would you rather read this article or not? At least he know what his purpose in life is.

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