Top 15 Supermarket fails ever

Going grocery shopping can be boring if you just go and grab what you need without paying attention to what is around you. Next time when you go shopping for food and other supplies, look around you might find something funny. From time to time, there are misplaced or misspelled signs and we promise they will make you laugh. So, here are some of the best supermarket falls, feel free to comment if you have noticed something similar in supermarket where you usually shop.

#1 Don’t let your kid goes to school with this!

Reddit, sw201444

#2 Not cool, Ken, Barbie is there.

#3 Floats? Bad marketing guys…

#4 Surprise her with this, and she might use this gift on you.


#5 Who said baby life is easy?

#6 How many week has that week?

#7 Really? I would never say.

#8 This must be just for special dogs.

#9 To the single ladies.

Imgur, followthehippo

#10 Once again, don’t let your kid goes to school with this in his backpack!

Reddit, Jalaliep

#11 Grapeless grapes? That is why it is so cheep.

#12 Nice placement, see what you done there.

Reddit, madster-the-great

#13 Yay! Dark humor never gets old.


#14 Always have these when going on picnic. And camping also.

#15 Grape is fruit, therefore these are ready meals in a bottle.


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