We all do it, but we won’t admit it

We are talking about little habits that are slightly weird but are part of us. There is nothing wrong in keeping things privately, but here we are to speak out loud for all weird habits we have, but won’t admit it. Have fun reading and share with someone whose habits you are well aware of!

#1 Checking our Facebook profile with View as…. Just in case to see how we look to the other people.

#2 Talking to your pets as if they were kids: Who is the sweetest little boy?

#3 Thinking about great comeback after we appear to the party fours hours late.

#4 Going to coffee shop to work, but end up just watching people.

#5 Remembering something funny in your head, than starts laughing hysterically. Then, when you’re trying to make yourself stop laughing, you just end up laughing more.

#6 Checking for your phone and keys in your pocket or bag to see if they are there, literally second after you put them. Same with alarm clock.

#7 Having a strict order how you put your clothes on: first underwear, then pants and socks or the other way around.

#8 Faking yawn or looking to your phone every time there is an awkward silence.

#9 Stripping clothes the moment we come home. Some people even untie their shoe laces in the elevator.

#10 Listening to one song over and over again, until you get sick of it.

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