Weird fashion products people actually buy

Every now and then fashion industry invent some crazy trends that even crazier people follow. Also, they someone there keeps inventing weird stuff people use with no obvious reasons. Rhythm  smart shoes, halters for man, blanket bags, gigantic bags, banana wallets and many more. And our question is: how bored you must be to invent something like this? But we must admit – there are few pretty useful things.

Check this list bellow and tell us what do you consider the most useful and what do you think is a complete waste of money.

#1 This underwear turns fart smell into mint

#2 Candy crush swimming suit only for real addicts.

#3 Extremely expensive bag made of blanket

#4 Somehow it looks sexy. Or not?

#5 Unicorn sneakers. Well, if you someone actually wearing them, you are allowed to laugh into his face.

#4 Rhythm smart shoes. Of course you can not wear them on dancing contest.

#3 These are made from banana. That explains tropical print.

#2 Sweet little kangaroos!

#1 Bag that sips wine. (But not produces it, that would be so cool)

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