Where to go with for a romantic getaway?

You are in love and all you want is to enjoy that love on some special place, to explore the world with your special someone, and to get away from work, problems and boredom in your city. So you planned everything and you are still wondering about location? You know, there is a saying from somewhere that says something like this: It’s not the place but the company.¬†And that is true, but to experience a trip with your boyfriend or girlfriend in a more special and beautiful way, visit some of the next countries from our list. They are perfect for a romantic getaway.

#1 Honolulu, Hawaii

For obvious reasons, it’s Hawaii.

#2 Venice, Italy

For romantic rides in a boat and kisses under the bridges.

#3 Kilimanjaro

For experience you will remember your whole life, and who is better to go with than your love?

#4 Las Vegas

To have the time of your life and even get over with something if you are nervous!

#5 Paris, France

For wandering around the most romantic city in the world…

#6 Easter Island

To have the most amazing sunset together!

#7 Bali

For reaching the ultimate happiness surrounded with amazing nature and your loved one.

#8 Jordan

To start your own fairytale.

#9 Colombia

To spice up your relationship with some new flavors and rhythm of salsa!

#10 Iceland

To left the planet Earth together!

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